Coca-Cola unveils a VR Headset!


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In Business:

· BlackBerry Buys Cyber-Security Consultancy; Moves Deeper Into Services

Ø BlackBerry acquired UK-based cyber-security consultancy Encription

Ø The company is moving deeper into the services business as it continues to morph into a more software-focused entity amid its ongoing turnaround

Ø BlackBerry sees massive potential in the area, with cyber-security consulting currently worth an estimated $16.5 billion a year globally

Ø The acquisition will give BlackBerry the opportunity to also cross-sell some of its own security products

Ø In September, the company agreed to acquire rival security software maker Good Technology for $425 million

Ø That deal came soon after its acquisition of privately-held AtHoc, a provider of secure, networked crisis communications

Ø BlackBerry is attempting to boost revenue from software and services to offset the revenue declines from its smartphone unit and legacy system access fees

In Technology:

· Coca-Cola Unveils VR Cardboard Headset for iPhone

Ø Coca-Cola has published a short video showcasing its own virtual-reality headset for iPhone made out of its recycled cardboard 12-can packaging

Ø The VR cardboard headset for now seems like an experiment by the company, and it is not known if the company will actually market the product

Ø Coca-Cola is the newest to enter the world of virtual reality with its own do-it-yourself virtual reality headset kit

Ø LG is also one of the latest to join the bandwagon in the ongoing MWC 2016 trade show with its LG 360 VR

Ø The rival South Korean giant Samsung too took a step forward in the virtual reality area by launching its own VR 360 degree camera — the Gear 360

Ø Watch Coca-Cola’s video here:

· A classic returns? Nokia CEO confirms comeback for phones

Ø The Finnish company confirmed Sunday at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona that it’s pressing ahead with plans to sell smartphones. It just doesn’t know when

Ø The company, whose phones were once a favorite with consumers, sold its devices business to Microsoft in 2014 for $7.2 billion

Ø It has since regained the rights to sell smartphones under the Nokia brand

Ø The company will not make the phones but will license the Nokia brand to a manufacturer

Ø But Nokia hasn’t been idle. Since acquiring tech company Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia has focused on building 5G mobile networks and preparing to invade the world of connected devices

Ø Well I would love to own a Nokia device if it’s on par with the markets. Would you?

Know a Face!

Rajiv Suri, CEO, Nokia

An Indian by birth, Rajiv was raised in Kuwait. His father owned a car importing business.

Rajiv is working with Nokia since 1995. Appointed CEO in 2014.

Suri is one of those rare top corporate executives who have achieved heights without pursuing any MBA/PG degree.

He has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, India.

Suri is a fitness enthusiast. He is an avid music lover.

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People tend to disclose too much personal information to strangers when they are stuck in a crowded place together.

Remember talking a stranger at the pub!

Did You Know!

The Apollo 10 astronauts heard weird “music” on the dark side of the moon that was kept classified by NASA for over 40 years.

Freaky right? Hear the music here:

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