Amazing KISSBOBO self-adhesive bras

I hate the fact that the strap of my bra show when wearing a tank top. Especially if the straps are very thin and make appear even the invisible bra. I noticed these self-adhesive bras on Amazon, and I decided to give them a try. I bought this KISSBOBO Women’s Adhesive Bras Push Up Seamless Bras with Removable Straps (the link to the product on Amazon is here, and I was nicely surprised by the result. The self-adhesive bra is the perfect solution to evening dresses and backless dresses. When I first tested it, it felt so weird but after some time I got used to. Since the bra only attaches to your breast, you don’t have the feeling of wearing something. You are totally free in your movements. You can wear anything basically without worrying about the straps being visible. The bra stays in place very well even when moving. I clean the silicone after each use. For now, it sticks perfectly as shown in the attached photo where I hold the bra with just a pen. If the silicone starts being less efficient, I will update my review and let you know how many times the bra can be worn. The only problem is that you need not sweat as the bra starts falling a bit. I don’t see this much of a problem as the bra is designed for evening events in which you usually barely move. Also, this bra is a push up one. You can adjust the lace in the middle to add a size to your natural bust line. The price at which the product is presented is very reasonable in my perspective. I liked so much the product that I decided to buy another pair from the same seller. The second pair I got shows instruction on how to place the bra for more breast volume increase. You have to start attaching the bras from the sides and then use the lace to bring both parts together as wished. For all reasons stated above, I would highly recommend the item.