Don’t walk the line.

I’ve always wanted to have a job or a career that is different than the norm.

A career that I love. A career that I want to get up out of bed, it’s not a chore and I’m eager to bust out of bed every day (I absolutely detest the phrase “Mondays suck” no they don’t. Your job does.) Something that is different, every single day.

That career that I want is a broadcasting career. Producer. Writer. Presenter. Creator.

I absolutely adore making things and seeing or hearing something at the end of the creation process is incredibly fulfilling and it fills me with the utmost joy that not much else gives me. It is why I am chasing a career in the radio and broadcasting industry. I WILL achieve my goal. Even if it takes me several years. It WILL happen. Even if I doubt myself when times get hard or I get another rejection letter. I WILL achieve my goal. I live, eat and breathe producing.

Yet I write this today after watching this video from Casey Neistat. “Do what you can’t” — it resonated with me. It put something in front of me that gave me the realisation that we can do what we want if we work hard at it. It really made me want to give the ol’two finger salute to those who constantly picked on me growing up and those who I thought were my friends picked on me into my twenties (Then dropped them from my social circle.) Screw the haters.

I have always been told I cannot do something or called out and teased because I done something that I want to do or do something that I like.

You cannot play football, you’re not good enough.

You cannot lift weights, you’re not strong enough.

Why are you wearing THAT?

Why have YOU got your ears pierced?

Why are you drinking THAT?

You cannot drive, you’re cr*p at driving!

You’re not good at anything are you?

Why are you watching wrestling, that’s sad!

Why are you getting your eyebrows threaded, that’s so sad! (Funny how the person who told me this; a year down the line he was caught having it done!)

Why are you interested in HER she’ll never like you, stay on your level. (I always hated that one, as someone who has dealt with intense self esteem issues, this was a killer, not that I listened to them, but it just added to the list of things that I was being told that I could not do)

This constant being told that I am not good enough, caused me to think when I was younger that I was never good enough for anyone, why would a girl like me, I’m no one special. Thus I started to downplay the hobbies that I did, or the things that I liked because I was afraid of what people would think. Self doubt of course then played into other areas of my life such as career/work. Not applying for things because you see one thing that you don’t have in the requirements list, not applying because you know they won’t hire you because why would they? You’re not good enough. You’re not on their level.

It still has me second guessing things today, I struggle to post my YouTube videos on my personal Facebook, even after saying I would in a recent video, because I am afraid of what people will say. Yet I don’t really care. It’s the ribbing I’m afraid of and when I see people in person again, I’ll get nervous that they’ll bring it up. I struggled to post my personal podcasts up because I was afraid of what people will think about my voice as I used to get ribbed for sounding robotic.

But, after watching that video even though I knew it anyway, it put into visuals that I can beat the haters, the bullies, the people who told me that I cannot do something because I am not good enough. But I am good enough. I know I am. I may need practice, no one is Cristiano Ronaldo overnight. No one is Conor McGregor overnight. It takes practice and practice is what I shall do. I am nowhere near good enough in front of the camera. I am much more confident behind the mic. I will make my haters want to be me. Obsession and dedication to the cause will help me achieve my goal.

An agent said to me in 2015, come back to me in a year and we may be able to have a meeting. That was 18months — 2 years ago. I am not good enough — yet. I know I can do this.

I want to be a broadcaster, maybe it’s my love of the entertainment industry & I LOVE the entertainment industry (but that’s another article) but ultimately, at the end of the day. It’s what I WANT TO DO, it’s what I LIKE, and it’s what I will work day and night to achieve because I am not having anyone tell me that I cannot do something. It’s selfish. It’s jealousy. It’s disgusting. How dare you.

I urge anyone with a dream, an urge to better themselves and step away from the norm to do what they want to do, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can achieve what you want to achieve. (Unless you want to be a singer and you clearly cannot sing, then find something else)

We only have one life and we’re either sleeping or working during most of it. Make damn sure that if you’re working, it’s not work and you’re having as much fun as you possibly can. Everyone has the ability to break free and achieve what they want to achieve in life, most people give up at the first hint of failure or up hill struggle. A lot of people are in a job that they hate and it’s just to put food on the table. But, do NOT give up. KEEP going. The one’s who achieve, are the one’s who KEEP knocking. We only got one shot at this, don’t spend it wishing your life away at work. Don’t Work To Live. Live To Work.

Find a hobby: make it your job and above all else, make this your #1 rule: Smile. Every. Single. Day.

To quote Casey Neistat:

“I will continue my pursuit, no matter what the opposition”