Taking A Hit

Reading those famous words, may not be the worst thing after all.

Job hunting is a thing that many of us do for various reasons, you may have just come out of Uni and are looking for that first job, you may be bored or even hate your current job and want a change, you may, like me are looking for that first rung on that career ladder but before you get that job, the one you really want, you find yourself reading these words over and over:

“We regret to inform you that after careful consideration, you have not been successful on this occasion”

It can get disheartening and I’ll admit, in the past, I have got angry or annoyed after being on the receiving end of these emails. Countless times since I have left Uni I have had to read those words, but I have grown to like or even love them. Again, I have recently read these words and I was so confident that I had smashed that interview, that I kind of half convinced myself that I had got it. Big mistake.

It took two long weeks to hear that I was unsuccessful. During this time I had time to think about my interview and I thought I had done well, barring a couple mistakes (which were rectified) but I could be forgiven as I was nervous. It had been so long since I had my interview that I kind of accepted the fact that I hadn’t got the job and whilst I had somewhat foresaw my fate, it still was a kick in the teeth. I was downtrodden for the rest of the day.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so confident and counted my chickens before they hatched. But hey, I was excited and I had done well (or so I thought) in the interview. Now I have asked for feedback and we shall see what that feedback says, but until then, I have had time to reflect on the past two weeks where I have had 3–4 interviews, after having literally nothing and no luck for a period of several months to a year.

To be asked to the interview, even if you are yet again told no, proves that you are doing something right, it is your job, your duty to keep doing what you’re doing until that no turns into a yes. As clearly, more than one person see’s that you are fit for the role advertised. Maybe even turn it into a game and see how many emails you get back saying you have been rejected. Even go into the interview and see how many no’s you get. I’m not saying go in there intentionally trying to screw yourself out of a job, but just go in there calm, collected and confident, if it’s a no it’s a no, on to the next one.

It’s a numbers game and eventually one of those no’s will turn into a yes, the more you apply for the better you get at writing the dreaded cover letter and in turn, get better and become more familiar around the interview process, I haven’t had to have many interviews for all the time I have been in retail. 8 years. Several here and there, but nothing to really get good at them again. (When I was 16 I had so many interviews it was unreal, one time it even reduced me to tears, I was young and no one would hire me, until the day before my 18th birthday, nearly two years of getting told no, was heartbreaking, I thought I wasn’t good enough and I’d never get a job and I’m kind of going through that same long difficult task again, almost a decade later) I’m determined to break into my chosen industry by the end of the year, it was no for a reason and I’ll eventually get to where I want to be.

I don’t know why I was told no. But what I do know is that I done my best, sure a couple things could have been improved upon, but, c’est la vie. I will find out in due course and adjust accordingly.

Use those dread words “We regret to inform you….” (because really who reads after that) as a catalyst to continue doing you and to prove them wrong, do your best, improve and clinch that job that you always wanted. Turn it into a game if you must. But don’t be disheartened.

If you got the interview, it’s proof you can do what they have asked, you just aren’t a right fit for whatever reason, above all else, it proves what you’re doing is good enough and you’re along the right path. If you don’t get to the interview stage, spread yourself far and wide to get as many as possible as one of them will bite and you will get that interview.

Go out there and smash it and above else don’t quit. “Why would you ever quit something you really love?” (Casey Neistat)