Looking to get inspired and encouraged in your creative pursuits? Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a designer or just need to cope with creative challenges at your work; here’s a rundown of 4 books I believe can give you a kick start in your creativity, your confidence, and your creative courage.

These books explore what it means to be creative, how to approach creative challenges, how to deal with failure and grow in your confidence in your own journey as a creative person.

This isn’t the top 100 best creative books or even top 10 countdown of books a…

For a long while, I’ve had to make most of making my film projects with usually a $0 budget. So I’ve always had to resourcefully find music and audio for my video projects that compliment the message or the story being produced. The majority of the time It’s been me wrestling the internet trying to find quality free stock music. This can be insanely difficult as free stock music can be difficult to find, especially good quality music that doesn’t sound too “stocky” or has been overused.

My current go to for inspiration for my projects is Music Bed. They…

Blair Fraser

I love designing products and making films, even more so when these two come together!

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