Learning to inquire the father

Have you ever had questions that someone may have said “don’t ask that kind of question” or asked God a question and didn’t receive and answer in the timeframe you thought you should have? Sometimes parts of the Bible don’t make sense so I’ve had to learn to ask the father. I have “wondered If” and straight up “doubted.” I believe God is saying, no, screaming: “ASK ME!”

I believe the father put those things we question in the (Bible/life in general) not to instil doubt but to provoke questions and when we don’t bring our questions and our doubts to him, we MISS OUT on what he wants to teach us in that moment. It is the heart of the father to hide things, it’s the heart of the Kings to seek it out.

Young’s Literal Translation

The honour of God is to hide a thing, And the honour of kings to search out a matter.

Proverbs 25:2

In case you missed that. WE ARE THE KINGS!

don’t miss this, I beg of you! don’t let what MAN tells you is the norm. We do not worship man, we worship the one made man in HIS image.

If you had a child and one day you noticed that he/she hasn’t asked you any questions, ever. would that not concern you??

I promise you that for some of you this will be very hard. But I challenge you to “Be a salmon” so to speak. The father is just waiting for us to bring our “Why, what if, this seems silly, that doesn’t make sense,” We need to stop being fake, we need to break down all the fassades because he sees right through that stuff and is like “hello!! I I didn’t die for you to be politically correct. (I don’t mean actual politics)

We get so caught up in the term “the world needs Jesus” that we forget that we need Jesus too. I feel like we’re just waiting for Jesus to come and take us away, but that’s not our call. we were called to get the world ready for him. It’s funny how we try to focus on “when” he is coming when he already told us not to, lol. We’re wrong every time. Why not try just focusing on the task at hand to: Know him and make him known.

It’s that simple!! Also I should say that this is for me as well. I am human too.

I will close this with a prayer.

Daddy, I love you so much, we all do. Thank you for being patient with me. Help us to recognise what you want us to question so that we don’t question the validity of you. We thank you father that you are with us daily and guide us with your grace and mercy. Raise our dry bones and bring us to that point where all we can do is trust you because that is where we shine in you. Help us to WAKE UP the way only you can. We love you Jesus. Amen.

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