How Procrastination Can Improve Your Life And Artwork
John P. Weiss

I am going to ignore your advice and slightly rush into commenting without checking all the facts first, but: the term procrastination as I’ve gotten to know it (and I hold an advanced degree in the very discipline, I should know!) refers to delaying a pending task by doing something else, more pleasurable, largely unrelated. The examples you mentioned speak of something else: a tactical delay or retreat, assessment and contemplation, all of which are directly related to the matter at hand.

On the other hand, it is true that disconnecting completely and deliberately from a task that got stuck allows for a fresh restart, but it implies having actually started it. And the article doesn’t go in that direction.

So I am not sure the keyword, at least as I know it, sits well in the title, or at all in the article as it is. You wouldn’t deliberately use it in a clickbait-ish manner, would you now? Or am I misinterpreting? Well, you certainly caught my attention, but then I do read all your articles anyway, so that was redundant :)

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