My son and I back in 2018

My day typically starts around 430/500 AM, depending on last night’s Words with Friends or the latest piece of art (lyrics, poems, bars, etc.) I’m working on.

*plays latest song, currently Solange’s “Losing You"*

I’ll shower, pick my socks, then my shirt (we gotta core-dinate (if you get it, I wrote this for you)), and leave leisurely 40 minutes later and get to work at 600/700 AM.

My work day compromises of maximum efficiency mixed with minimal latency. I have a hardcore work ethic with a ton of flexibility so I move accordingly.

I’ll leave around 500PM even 6, hit…

At the Luling Watermelon Festival in 2008, I beat my sister and brother in law but lost to a Savannah Julie Ann country white girl. That girl deserved it though… oh, and I HATE watermelon!

It can’t be easy being you.

You don’t get the “1st’s” that the oldest will surely get. 1st day of school. Kindergarten graduation. 1st points playing sports. 1st middle school dance. 1st prom. 1st high school graduate. 1st car. The list goes on… and on. You were my little sister, and you were known as my little sister when you deserved your own recognition.

You don’t get the benefit of the doubt the last one gets. You had to prove yourself for everything you have. You don’t get the “she’ll always be my baby” the youngest gets. Again…

Rodrigo Bravo

I write stuff.

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