Adorable: Malformed Gremlin Writhes

In a heartwarming display, a local organism wriggled its limbs and contorted its spine on the floor of a house. Its genatalia was on full display as each tentacle thrust in separate directions, head stretching backwards, coal-black eyes observing food sources upside-down.

Defying reason, the squirming tube laid its bat-like ears to rest on the ground, gyrating as it gained understanding of our Earth and its physics. Soon it will learn how to maneuver with speed and agility — at which time it may gnash its rows of teeth to procure meat, digest and excrete manner in long steaming tendrils — and acquire as much knowledge about its surroundings through smelling as possible, each wet intake of air equaling a million bytes of information to its unfathomable cortex.

Its life cycle is brief but just beginning.

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