Heartwarming: Abandoned Dog Rescued, Nourished Back to Health, Turned Into Rad Mountain Bike

Readers, take heed: This story may have a disturbing beginning, but we promise it has a happy ending!

When Bronson the Pitbull was found abandoned on the side of the road in Partridge, TX, he looked for all the world like he wasn’t going to make it. Doctors said he was losing sight, and extreme malnourishment meant he could die at any moment.

Bronson could barely stand

But with the help of these courageous veterinarians, little by little Bronson started to show signs of rehabilitation!

Pictured: Mass returning to Bronson’s surprisingly resilient frame

Thanks to a combination of a drip feed, targeted physical exercise and joint therapy, and good old fashioned TLC, it became clear that Bronson was going to get a second chance at life.

Playtime is so important

Soon the search was on to find a suitable home for Bronson, so that he could readjust to human life. Finding a companion who wouldn’t abuse or neglect him was paramount —Bronson had a lot of work to do to trust people again! After a few weeks, it was evident that the best match for our miracle pup was champion trials cyclist Danny MacAskill.

Bronson in his new environment

What sealed the deal was not MacAskill’s incredibly sick reel of phat tricks and flips, but his compassion for animals and his genuine nature. On their first playdate together, the two became fast friends, executing only the most sick stunts.

These two are right at home in nature

The most visible upgrade to Bronson was the completely new VPP® link arrangement. The lower link tucks neatly above his bottom bracket, fully-recessed and protected from impacts. Meanwhile his box-section upper link now mounts cleanly to the top-tube and enhances lateral stiffness as a result. Bronson’s shock rate was refined, delivering greater small bump sensitivity and a more progressive mid-stroke.

Bronson’s love of sick nasty flip tricks is shared by his new owner

Needless to say, this was a match made in heaven. We know that Bronson has found his forever home with Danny, adding years of health and happiness to his life!

Awww: Even the most energetic of rescues needs a little bit of naptime

Sometimes there really is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Before and After
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