How Many Jack Reacher Novels Have You Read?

Jack Reacher novels are like raindrops: They punch me in the head repeatedly. Also, there are several of them every time a new storm crops up. But how many Jack Reacher novels have you read?

  1. Time Out at Fat Camp
  2. It’s the Great Easter Bunny, Jack Reacher
  3. Requiem For An Elbow Strike
  4. 100 Skinheads, 99 Bullets
  5. You Got Your Jack in My Reacher! (Part 1 of 2)
  6. The Haircut That Made Mount Rushmore Cry
  7. Small Corn Town, Big Corn Dreams
  8. A Kiss Before Punching
  9. The Bride Wore Denim
  10. Target Practice at the Crooked Land Developer Convention in Anaheim
  11. Curse of the Jade Jeep Wrangler
  12. No Wishing For More Wishes, Jack Reacher
  13. Girls Are Gross
  14. Swan Dive Into Shit Creek
  15. Reacher Deserves More Credit For This Report, Sir
  16. The Clobber-Boy and the Coloratura
  17. Tom Cruises [A Zoo-Book About Various Species of Cruise, Including Jack Reacher - ed.]
  18. Big Boy Reacher and the Burbling Bubble Bath
  19. Jack Reacher Walks In a Straight Line To the Next City, Where He Punches the Exact Bad Guy Who Did It
  20. First Day at Grenade School
  21. When The Swallows Return to Jack-istrano
  22. Ding-Dong Ditch-Diggers
  23. Ulee’s Gold
  24. 24-Hour Layover In Fuckville
  25. My Father the Jack Reacher
  26. Jack Reacher and the Case of the Missing Dodge Durango
  27. A Columbian Necktie at Fashion Week
  28. Diners, Dives, and Die-Ins
  29. Outfoxed By the Candle Boys
  30. くそがき [Translation is “Unpleasant Child”: the Japanese market hates Reacher but obsessively reads his books, waiting for the “unpleasant boy” to die in one of them - ed.]
  31. Smell Ya Later, Buttbreath: A Compendium Of Reacher’s Finest Zingers
  32. A Corona With Lime in Hell
  33. Not Enough Parking Spots For Motorcycles
  34. A Red-Letter Day For Fists
  35. Oops! I Elbowed My Head: A Jork Breezer Alterna-World Tale
  36. Crunchy Jacket Nights
  37. Radical Reacher and the Skateboard Snipers
  38. To Brunch With a Killer
  39. The 8th Dude Reacher Forgot About When He Said He Was Going to Beat Up All 7 Dudes Surrounding Him
  40. Fist Dentist
  41. Car Chase at Knotts Berry Farm
  42. Slaughterhouse J
  43. Two Reachers For the Price of Gun
  44. A Crowbar to the Thinkin’ Dome
  45. Reacher Sr.’s Fishin’ Hole Mysteries: Gator on the Bayou Porch
  46. Reacher Sr.’s Fishin’ Hole Mysteries: The Fraudulent Cod
  47. Reacher Sr.’s Fishin’ Hole Mysteries: It Burns When I Pee
  48. Alaska Catastrophe
  49. REAL Jazz
  50. Bridge to Terabithia
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