my cat write of bern and hill now


i am sideways in bed but SO many thoughts on £Bern and #hillllllllllery. Cannot sleep and have the day die now with all these thoughts.

Hot!! That’s the race. heated up now by all the speech. we get quite close now to more decision days and our Medium® posts have many strong thoughts.

The word Thought has the word Hot in it, both in the letters of it and also the sound in your ear. So true.

everyone, i think you will agree, has the thoughts of why Bern. Or Hill is bad. Or the puppet thoughts, one is a puppet, both are puppets, there is puppetry afoot. but no one, since they are idiots, have thought: Ask my cat.

my cat is going to come now, he will tell you what he sees of our human election with his powerful nighttime eyes. he read both my previous works of Bern and hill, and has seen everything you have ever done always. he’s too quick for you but here he comes

ok cat go




this cat has got the goods