Observe My Final Creation

You who scoffed at my inventions, who defied my genius — behold my Final Unveiling.

Here, in the bowels of my laboratory, I have set the clock of the End Times. Hear the snarl of Cerberus at the gates. Weep at the foot of my dark glory. Spread wide your soul and embrace the Rapture of Entropy.

For now,

It is time,

To reveal my most stunning creation yet.

Act now, before the fire belches from the pores of this crumbling godforsaken rock,and you can purchase an extra set FREE of charge! But that’s not all: We’ll throw in an official “Don’t Do Anything” carrying case for when you’re on the go, presumably from the yawning chasms of eternity that will crack and quake open beneath your feet!

Jerald from Accounts Undying will screech until he drowns in blood from his own shredded vocal cords when you show him these astonishing sticky-notes! Don’t delay — perish today!