Google Alerts can help you stay up to date on the latest about your business and industry.

Have you ever wished you could have someone just to keep up with the latest and greatest content or info about your business.

It would be even greater to have someone keeping up with your whole industry.Right?

Well let me introduce you to your new assistant on the web.

“Google Alerts” Can do all the above assistant duties and more.

Best part is they don’t ever have to take a break and you don’t have to pay them.Google alerts will send you reports right to your Email Inbox.Reports on anything about the topic you put in the search box.The search news articles,social media,blogs,web pages,and pretty much anything online.

So this problem is solved for you and your business.You can now get the buzz surrounding your product,services and business.

It also Is a assistant for you online reputation management.

You will be alerted immediately about negative press about your business.So you can act immediately on this information.

Also on a more positive note you will know when there is positive press about your business,product or service.

So both of the above scenarios give you as a business owner an opportunity to handle the negative and try to win back business.The positive you can thank them for their kind words and foster a more positive relationship for increased loyalty.

Google alerts can eve help you to stay ahead or next to your competition.So you will always be informed of the latest and leading techniques for your industry.

This could be an added benefit to you in business related decisions,Such as which product to sell and when or a new product you can add to increase your offering.

Have you ever wanted to spy on the competition?

Well you can with your new assistant Google alerts.You can find out what your competition is doing and develop your marketing plan around that data.

Google alerts is real easy to set up all you have to do is search google alerts ,put in your keyword and email address and hit create alert.

I would recommend setting up a separate Gmail account our company account for alerts,but that is totally up to you.

If you need any help with setup or keyword ideas don’t hesitate to contact us.LVNV Marketing a las Vegas marketing agency.