Everyone wants to save money. But, it becomes quite difficult these days to save money as we have a lot of things to spend on. In this article, we are going to see how to save money by the proven method which Mr Budget follows. Let’s save money with fun!!

disclaimer: This article assumes that you are the user of Mr Budget. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from here.

Types of expenses

If you carefully notice, every month the expenses you spend can be divided into two types,

  1. static expenses
  2. dynamic expenses

If you analyse your expenses closely, the major chunk of your money would be spent on static expenses like rent, school fees, train tickets etc., Of course, you will also would have some dynamic expenses like some emergency bills or health expenses etc., The dynamic expenses are less compared to static expenses and it might not repeat every month. This article sets a goal of saving at least 20% of money every month and how we are going to achieve it? by creating a proper budget. …


Mr Budget

A modern expense tracker for perfect budgeting!!

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