Part Of My Job Is….

There are very few people in the business world who have actually one thing to do as part of their job.

History of What You Did

Use to be, someone would hire on at a company or take a position with a firm to focus on one aspect or function of that business. There are still a few postions in the military that are specialist duties for a number of very good reasons, but over all…every person doing something for a living does a verity of jobs.

For instance, I have a number of duties and even different jobs I perform daily..sometimes hourly. My favorite duties have to do with operational matters. However, I from time to time during the day, week, month or year will perform sales, accounting, human resources, mentoring, research, development…and the list goes on.

Social Media is a Thing to Do

Social media is something new to my business life. “New” , for me, is defined as something I have developed in-depth knowledge about over the past 20 years. Yes, that would put me dealing with social media before it was called social media.

Operationally, social media has become a must for businesses. Why? Because social media is what consumers consume to obtain information on what they buy. It use to be 20 years ago you could go somewhere where people are waiting and see everyone with their head in a magazine or newspaper. Today, when you go to those same places you will see people with their eyes locked on their mobile device.

Making It a Part of What You Do

Advertisements were naturally part of the print media marketing of that advertisement is place in the social media stream people stare at all day.

How to deal with the onslaught of advertisements being forced upon the online social networks is something everyone who is in business today has to be familiar with. How to get around the internet without being swallowed in by some of the schemes online marketers develop is the first thing consumers and business leaders have to learn.

Yet, there are still business leaders who fight the need to learn how social media touches their business today. It could be they are too business doing the other things in their workday that was added to their duties. However, it is more than likely many of today’s business leaders just do not take seriously the grip social media has on the global economy.

Part of What I Do

Part of what I do is to be part of what you do.

Showing people how to deal with social media, how to develop a strategy for their business to use digital marketing and develop their business’ operations to work within the growing digitally driven work is Part Of What I Do.

What is part of what you do?

Let me know how I can help.

Originally published at Scot Duke.