Re-Introducting Me!: It’s All Things Operational

Like so many of my peers out here in the great world-wide-web, called the Internet, tend to lose ourself on what we really are out here to do. I’ve been blogging since 1999 and since then have retooled, reinvented, remodeled and reengineered myself over 15 times all in an effort to keep focused on why I blog. This time I thought maybe re-introducing myself to the world would enlighten you to why I am here and what I offer you. So here goes…

Hello World!

Hi! I’m Scot — nice to meet you! Currently, I’m a Founder and Director of Operations for SyncLab Media..a video centric digital marketing agency located in my hometown, Dallas, Texas. We specialize in Digital Marketing Strategy for video productions. what is the deal here? Good Question. Let’s add another couple of questions to that…what is it I do professionally and why do I what I do?

The Deal is, I am here to bring to your attention things that are really Kewl.(that is my way of saying”Cool” for those trying to find the translation).

Some of the things I find Ridiculously Awesome are, in fact what over 85% of the general public think is cool. How do I know? Because I am a consultant and I talks to real live people on a daily bases. AND…believe it or not..they don’t like being on the Internet because some of you do not understand social media as well as you should, and you are running them off. I need to change that since the internet and social network is now a major part of 85% of the world’s population.

So, to accomplish this I help people like you find things on the internet of interest. I do this by posting them on G+ so they can see it…and what I post be found when people search Google.

What I do professionally is help people understand the Realities of online Social Networking and digital marketing.

Having been in the world of online social networking for over 15 years I know the tricks social sites use to persuade you to use them. There are very few people who have spent as much time daily on the internet as I have. This experience allows me to safely say not all things reported online are what they seem.

This means, you either have to go offline to find out what is real or find someone like me who doesn’t believe any of the mine numbing statistics being reported by the social networks on who is popular in an attempt to influence someone’s way of thinking.

Why Do I like Google+ and spend 99% of my working day here?

Google+ is the most productive and most socially sound social network on the internet. I use all of the social platforms just so I can show others the downsides of social networking.

My reasoning for using mostly G+ is based on logic and my offline practical experience on how Social Networking really works.

Google has done a superb job in developing a social space where all of the content posted is immediately “Searchable” on Google. That is very valuable since Google is now the first place everyone goes to find information.

So, if you are looking for someone to put in your G+ circle who posts Ridiculously Awesome stuff, then I am your guy.

If you are looking for someone who post .gifs, autoawesomes and ‘Click Bait’ links..keep on moving, because I am not someone who will waste my time on those kind of post.

If you would like to hire me to boost your influence online you can find me here or at

My Mantra!

“To Get Things Done… Keep It Simple”.

I am inspired by individuals with big ideas and who dream of making those ideas REAL. I choose to work only with those who believe it is possible to make a buck while making difference.

My Story

I have spent 42 years putting out some of the toughest business operations fires any marketing/sales group could have ever started. I have a lot of operations management experience to pass onto the next generation of problem solvers and my blog is where this will happen.

But first here is more about why I do what I do.

No All Work

At the age of 40 I made a pivotal life decision. I dropped playing (and watching) football, softball, fishing, hunting, boating, team penning, calf roping, pool shooting, skeet shooting and coaching youth soccer. I then started playing GOLF. I loved all of those sports and activities, but Golf captured my interest like no other.

I was terrible at Golf when I started, but I persisted to playing to an enjoyable mediocre skill level. Persistence is the basis of operations manage and, of course, persistence is the key to playing golf.

I found it to be a fact that you have to suck at playing golf before you will get better. After five years of traveling around the country going to a number of golf schools I still wasn’t a real good golfer. But I got to play a lot of nice golf courses and private country clubs while I was at it. You’ll never hear me complaining about my Golf experiences.

Now, I play a lot more quality golf and watch on TV all the golf tournaments I can. What I did not realize what I was doing at the time would lead me to my Next Career.

The Change

The big change in my life came about when I retired after nearly 32 years at a Fortune 10 corporation. Like the thousands of other junior executives let go into the business world, the question I asked myself…

Now What?

After making the post-retirement ‘coffee shop network meetings’ I quickly found where I fit in the world of business. I quickly found I was an expert in problem solving.

Every business person I ran into had what they thought ‘Major Problems’, but they had no Problem Solving skills. Their problems were minuscule compared to the problems I was use to solving before breakfast every morning. I realized I was overly trained in problem solving.

One day in 2004, during one of my frequent visits with my best friend and operations manager for the PGA, I was told they have a problem he known I can help them solve.

Seems my years of experience playing golf with clients and many years of producing quality golf events at high end ultra private country clubs for corporations was exactly what the PGA needed. The problem they had was with the pull back of tens of thousands of business people from playing Golf.

My friend told me..“if you want to help Golf industry find out what it needs to do to bring back the “Business Golfers” to playing golf you need to put in a book all of your experience with golf as it relates to business. I know plenty of people good at teaching golf and plenty of people good at teaching how to do business, but you are the only person I know who actually knows how golf is used as a business tool.”

He was right! The challenge was made and it seemed like a fit for what comes natural for me..problem solving.

After a year and half of studying the situation and playing hundreds of rounds of golf with friends and complete strangers, I found where business people were having problems with golf and I also found the solution. Now what do I do with this wealth of information?

The answer! I put all of it in a book.

New Adventure Started

In late 2005, the marketing of my Book, How To Play Business Golf lead me down the road to learning everything about this new thing called…Online Marketing. Little did I know at the time I was standing on the front porch of the development of what was being referred to then as Social Media.

I learned everything that worked and the trillions of things that did not..which many business are still doing wrong today.

After over 15 years of staying on the leading edge of social media and seeing it change over the last few years to Social Search, here we are today.

Now I write a blog and sit as founder, owner and President/CEO of IBGS (Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC). I am currently a founding member and Operations Director of SyncLab Media LLC., video-centric digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas.

What is it I do?

Over the past ten years I have become a mentor, business coach and social media professional to a boatload of business people.

I have helped the younger generation with discovering how to improve upon important things in life before they ruin it.

I blog and promote sound businesses operations practices. All this developed from my over 42 years of operations management and my 25 year love of golf.

Learned From Dealing With Change

My track since retirement convinces me once you get the golf bug you have it for life. If you are still here reading what I have to say, then I tend to think you have it also. That’s Good. There are far worse things you could be involved with…believe me.

I have already driven down miles of the ‘information highway’ (the internet) and have hit every one of its potholes. Hopefully what I share here on my site will help you avoid the digital marketing scams business people fall for in the New Wild-West called the Internet or La-La-Land as it has been more fondly called.

My business operations and golf writing philosophy is simple:

1) If it interests me, then I figure there’s a pretty good chance it will interest you.

2), if there is a way to make money from playing, talking about and writing about business and/or golf I will find it and pass it on to you.

If you love to play golf and need someone to provide you with reasons why you need to play business golf…well I have all this covered.


I’ll be here giving you the Bottomline and wrap it up each blog with the statement I will always ask my readers…”Let me know how I can help”.

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So, Let’s Get After it!…and of course.. Let Me Know How I Can Help!

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