When Blogging Becomes a Chore

No matter your level of passion for blogging, or how much you have to say on a subject, the time WILL come when the process of Blogging becomes a real Chore.
 Like right now!

I started this blog a few weeks ago which is typical of most bloggers to start writing on a subject only to stop during the outline stag of the blog to ask…

  • Is what I have to say really going to make a difference?
  • Is anyone going to actually read what I have to say?
  • Will anyone, outside of the trillions spammers, provide feedback or thoughts on what I point out?

Know knowing the answers to all of these questions is what makes Blogging a Chore.

Not All Fun and Games

Once I proceed to finish writing the blog, then comes the re-write..the spellchecking, Image placement and on and on.
 Once I get to the point of saying the blog is ready to go then comes the Tagging and then the decision on what Category does the blog need to be placed.
 Then..OH Yeah!, what about the social aspects…the SEO, the links that Google looks for and on and on.

Yes, Blogging is a chore.

The Real Reason to Blog

So why do I do it and why have I been doing it for so long?

Answer: I do in hopes it will help you. Not just help you understand how frustrating Blogging is, but helps you better understand how things work out here in La-La-Land….I mean REALLY works.

By now, the more internet savvy of you have stopped and gone to my About Page to check out who the heck I am and what the Heck I Do.

The more advanced of you have checked to see I have been blogging since 2009 and have posted over 3800 blogs. Actually, I have been blogging since 2004 and have posted well over 7500 blogs, just not all of them are showing here.

As as far as finding out who I am, well, that is what I want you to do since doing that will validate that this blog is not just about talking about how hard it is to Blog. This site is about passing on what I know that you do not and will never know because Only I know what I know.

That is why I set up this blog. Fortunately, from time to time I am rewarded when someone contacting me to hire me to consult them on the things they do not know, but I do. I find it also rewarded to find there are still people out there in the world who still understand the value of knowledge and are eager to pay (and pay me well) for what I know.

Getting my message across to you is what Blogging is all about and is what also makes it a chore.

But, still, I blog. Why? Because eventually I know someone is going to find the value of what I know and will be the person I go to work for solving the problems they do not know how to solve. Or at least that is what I am hoping will eventually happen. Let me know how I can help.

Originally published at Scot Duke.