I Turned Off Notifications On My Phone And You Should Too

Alexandre Mouriec
Jan 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Distraction is a huge problem nowadays, especially for our generation. (#Millennials) Notifications are partly responsible for this problem.

Like many people, when I installed an app, I used to keep notifications by default and received a huge number of notifications like mentions,RT on Twitter, likes on Instagram, latest videos on Youtube,…

If you have 5 apps that’s OK. If you have more, it’s not sustainable to receive all day long notifications from Candy Crush or Youtube.

You don’t want to be this guy, do you ?

Instagram User @433

Every time you receive a notification and check your phone to see it, you lose your focus. You might check the notification, then open Facebook, then check your emails, and after that you go back to work. Each time, you lose little by little your focus. Here is a number to prove my point.

We need, on average, 23 minutes and 55 secondes to concentrate after several minutes of distraction.

23 minutes and 55 secondes !! That’s a lot for a quick glance on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed. It‘s something to think about when you use your phone, especially when you work.

If you need another statistic to change this habit, you now know the average person checks their phone up to 150 times a day.

After spending too much time unlocking my phone to see the latest tweet, I tried to fight this problem. After reading several productivity articles, I found something which works.

Deactivate notifications on your apps 🙏

I don’t say to deactivate all your notifications forever. At the beginning disable all your notifications, and see after one or two days which notifications you really need.

Personally, I keep things like SMS, Twitter mentions, Slack mentions,…

No more Instagram likes or Twitter RT notifications ❌

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Think for a minute, do you need to know immediately when someone like your photo or RT your last tweet. Is it really important ?

By disabling notifications, you control when you want to use your phone. You are in control of your work and your life.

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When you’re checking your phone instead of working.

By not receiving notifications every 5 minutes (or 30s for some people 😉), you are more calm, more focused on your work.

To quote Joel Gascoigne, who inspired me to write this article :

More than anything, I feel a lot calmer. Notifications create a sense of urgency around something that’s not important at all.

By disabling notifications, you helps monotasking and reducing multitasking.

That’s a lot of benefits for disabling notifications. The benefits are work-related but more than that.

It is not only about being more productive, it is also about being more present.

You will check your phone less because the notifications will only be the important ones. You will focus on being present, for example spending time with your friends.

I hope this technique will be useful for you and that you will be more present and productive thanks to it.

This is the end of my first article in English. I would love to hear what you think of it :)

Have you tried disabling your notifications ? Do you feel more focused and productive ? I would to hear what you feel. You can comment or send me a tweet @mrcalexandre

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