16 Apps for Your iPhone That Are Better Than The Ones Apple Made

Apple preloads every iPhone with a slew of its own first-party apps — but thankfully, the App Store is overflowing with alternative apps, many of which are better than Apple’s.

Whether you’re looking to organize your photos, get some work done, or get around town, we’ve scoured the App Store for the best apps that are better than the default ones on your iPhone.

Instead of Mail, use Microsoft Outlook.

In December 2014, Microsoft bought one of my favorite email apps, Acompli. Outlook is essentially that app with a new skin on it. Still, this is the most robust and most refined email app out there — you can create quick filters for your flagged and unread emails and check out all the attachments and files that have been emailed to you in one dedicated folder. It also gives you tabs for your calendar and contacts, which are nice additions that improve productivity.

(Microsoft Outlook, free)