30 things I love (at 30 years old)

In no particular order

  1. Coffee, (my aeropress gets a lot of use)
  2. Jesus (Yup, I’m one of those weirdos)
  3. My wife
  4. My family
  5. My friends (notable folk include Ollie Ewing, Steve Winslade, Eric Dye, Dustin Stout, Mike Harvey, Matt Rowe, Stuart Milne, Neil Reveley, Andrew Brims and Wojtek Kukulski to name a few)
  6. Bacon
  7. Apple stuff especially the iPad (see comment number 2)
  8. Photography
  9. Writing
  10. My Fuji x100t
  11. The Ukulele + Guitar (in my mind they’re one)
  12. Cheesecake (now living in Poland, I get a lot of this)
  13. Going for walks
  14. Fountain pens (my grandpa’s old Parker 51 is my prize)
  15. Notebooks (Leuchtturm1917 are my favourites at the moment)
  16. Podcasts
  17. Football (that is soccer although my love has decreased a lot)
  18. Traveling (Lisbon is one of my favourite places on Earth)
  19. London (my home city still charms me)
  20. Indie Music (Death cab for ever)
  21. Uniqlo Clothes (for some reason I just love their simple clothes. Airism shirts are great for travel to hot places)
  22. leather boots (I’ve had a pair of Red Wings for a few years now and they are great)
  23. The Office (both the US and UK version)
  24. Settlers of Catan (a brilliant board game)
  25. Spanish Toastada (it’s just toast…but it’s amazing toast)
  26. Learning Languages (I’m honestly surprised by this but it’s true)
  27. Sunsets (they’re really great aren’t they)
  28. Puns (Tim Vine is the king)
  29. Light English rain in Spring (I swear it’s unlike any other countries rain I’ve experienced. Maybe there is something else like it which I haven’t found yet).
  30. WordPress (I’ll throw this on the end. I could go for loads of other things but I guess I spend more time with WordPress than lots of the alternative options on my list and it has helped me form connection with people and do some cool things.)

So there’s 30 things that I love (or at least like a lot). I’d love to see some responses with your own list of things you love (maybe the same number as your age as well).

P.s. Turning 30 wasn’t a big deal until about a week before hand when people started telling me it was a big deal. Now it’s normal again.