Okay okay, let’s try Medium

Medium represents a controlled gatekeeper driven version of the web which I don’t particularly favour. Yes, in theory it is designed around the idea that good (interesting) writing is prioritised over bad (boring) writing and articles, however, the content on Medium is in the companies hands. If medium goes under (or changes the rules of the game), so does your writing and following.

Despite that, Medium seems interesting to me (probably due to it’s clean design and the fact that, in theory, anyone could have their 15 minutes of Internet fame if they write something good). Furthermore, I recently read a good article by Dustin W. Stout and left a comment…which turned out to actually be a new post?…whoops! To me that suggest I should really try to understand Medium a bit better.

A final reason I find medium interesting is the idea of a more ephemeral place to write.

Writing on a site should be well considered and researched, aiming to maximise SEO and all that other junk. A place like medium (or tumblr for that matter) could be used for more off the cuff writing. At least that’s how I suspect I will experiment with medium at least.

Perhaps I’ll give up soon, perhaps I’ll shift everything over to medium…we’ll see I guess. [My bet is occasionally write the odd thing over the next couple of years].