We have to keep saying no

Loads of people who voted for Brexit are now saying they didn’t know what it meant. They thought they were voting against David Cameron. They thought they were saying “fuck you” to the rich. And who sold them these spin stories? It was Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson — millionaire tories with funny acts that appeal to insecure but proud working class people and frightened pensioners. It’s all a con. It’s a con and it’s working

Do you like conspiracy theories? What if Farage only conceded early on in the night to deliberately send sterling up, thus creating a sharper crash afterwards? Some traders will have made a killing in the last few days, we know that. We focus on how much the country is losing, but remember there are bankers making those billions too. Might the former investment banker have played a crafty long con?

That’s not real. I just made that up. But you can imagine a certain proportion of people could be persuaded by something like that, and it’s easy to change the world with stories. Blame the gays. Blame the jews. Or the muslims. Or both. Blame the rich or blame the poor, blame the uptight or blame the louche. Take your pick. We all live in our personal web of stories and act them out, making our lives, and making a world we insist is “the real world”

I think it’s more like yoghurt really. We can learn a lot about culture from yoghurt. At every level of magnification, yoghurt is made up. Even if we accept the live bacteria are real, they are processes turned into nouns and yoghurt culture is billions of these processes interacting together

So what would make a yoghurt vote for pasteurisation?

I think it helps to think about it that way

If I said Brexit is like a cancer, that would offend a lot of people, confuse others and get my point across to very few. But if you can see that human cultures grow like yoghurt cultures, then you can probably see how thought viruses can tear cultures apart

I reject the result. The way I see it, millions of people didn’t vote at all and in these circumstances those abstentions should be registered as “no desire for change expressed”

I also think there should be an option for people to take back their vote. If they sign an affidavit saying they voted leave and they’ve learnt more now and changed their mind, I think they should get their vote back. We’ve got to be honest that people were lied to and tricked into voting against themselves. We don’t have to just let that happen. We can evolve our culture to protect the most vulnerable in society — people who don’t make their own decisions

Other generations could have said no to Mussolini or Franco. I think our challenge is saying no to Boris. He’s not Hitler, but he is a scary bastard — you can see it in his eyes

I think we should keep saying no, as loud as necessary. I think we should respectfully, intelligently respond to stories with facts. And it’s important to engage from a genuine place, not lash out angrily at stupid people. Of course we’re angry and scared too. But the mob can be our mob if we meet them willingly — meet them with love

I think we should all look after each other and stand together. People like Boris Johnson are clowns who tell us funny jokes while picking our pockets. We have to keep saying no

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