During the last 12 months I have attended and spoken at a lot of conferences and conducted a huge range of professional development opportunities for colleagues. Over the course of that time it has slowly become clear to me that the majority of people I have spoken to, listened to…

Develop A Vision For Your Community of Learners

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”― C.G. Jung

For any teacher starting a new school year there are always undeniable anxieties to cope with. The excitement and anticipation of doing a challenging job under often difficult circumstances is channeled into preparation, planning and numerous administrative meetings. Before the…

Transcript of a presentation at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong 13/12/2014

Humanity is standing at a crossroads. Confusion abounds. Because to ‘choose’ means change, and the thought of change breeds fear of the unknown. Our seeming inability to take the next logical step has seen us largely ignore what is possibly the most important tool we possess: our compass. Education. Our…

Hamish Clark

A Journey In Learning

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