Learn English Grammar with 5 Catchy Songs

Find English Grammar Tough? MrClass says try these 5 Catchy Songs!

Learn English Grammar with 5 Catchy Songs

English grammar can be tough. With the myriad rules, it terrifies even those who enjoy the language. Now the problem is that we can’t avoid the rules. But what we have as the solution are songs. You heard it right! Songs are super easy to remember than words alone, agreed? So, MrClass has picked out for you 5 very helpful educational songs on the YouTube today that are written specifically to help people with the Spoken English Grammar. Try the following ASAP!

1. “Unpack Your Adjectives” from “Schoolhouse Rock”

A cartoon series for the 90’s, “Schoolhouse Rock”, will teach you about English, Math and Politics as well through music. And among the nine outstanding musical cartoons you have “Unpack Your Adjectives”. It explores the English language in a way that is easy for you to understand and remember.

2. “Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic

With a familiar music, “Word Crimes” sings about many of the most common English grammar mistakes. You will need to watch it more than once to learn about all of the mistakes you have been making. You’ll also figure out the usage of similar meaning words like “less” and “fewer,” as the music video actually writes out the lyrics and explains the mentioned mistakes well.

3. “Parts of Speech Rap” by Justgo4011

Love rap songs? You’ll love parts of speech too! “Parts of Speech Rap” is a great song that teaches you the different parts of speech and there usage. Even if you remember the parts of speech, the rap uses a number of words that you might not be familiar with.

4. “The Grammar Song” by Mr. M

If you need more practice with parts of speech then you have yet another excellent rap that will help you remember them. A bit more detailed approach, from the usage to how to write the parts of speech, will make you a confident.

5. “Adverb Song” by The Grammarheads

The Grammarheads are a great resource for the songs on the YouTube channel that teach the different parts of speech with cool rock music. The “Adverb Song,” for example, explains how to check if a word is an adverb with a number of examples for your convenience.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Try these songs and get them playing in your heads today! And to learn English Language more faster and efficiently join MrClass, Bhubaneswar. MrClass offers you the best Spoken English Learning Courses in Bhubaneswar that’ll help you beat some of the most common English Language mistakes that even the native speakers make!