World Poor Leaders Eat near Davos

Glaris, Switzerland, Jan. 24 — Poor leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) side event for the disenfranchised, “Eat 4.0”, applauded the pledge to reduce food waste announced at Davos, while hosting a banquet from the tons of food waste produced at Davos.

Held at a campsite 5 km south of Davos, Switzerland, the poor leaders, who numbered 2 because they were only able to collect enough money to buy 2 bus tickets, announced a 10-year strategy to add toilets to the campsite. Sources close to the leaders, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are largely invisible to the media, also said a crowdsource campaign would soon be launched to purchase an appliance that could be used next year to take advantage of the electricity available at the 84 pitches on the camp grounds.

“We’re really excited about being able to warm up the food waste from Davos at our event next year,” said the source, noting that “we usually just call it ‘food’, but we want to be sensitive not to the offend the elite.”

Commenting on the Champions 12.3 initiative launched by leading businesses and NGOs at Davos such as Nestle and Tesco to raise awareness about food waste, the spokeswoman for Eat 4.0 said, “Awareness? Oh goody. That’s just what we need.”

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