Choose the right pressure cooker and wok from Mr. cook

The only thing for which a human runs for his or her entire life is food and when we talk about it, we talk about the cookery industry. The two most frequently used products while making food are none other than pressure cooker and wok. But before we start the answering the what, where and how’s of these products, let’s get some basic knowledge on their history.

Starting from wok which is a versatile round-bottomed vessel initially came into existence from China. The use of this product is primarily used prevalent in South China, particularly in the Guangdong Province. Regarded to be the most commonly used cooking utensils in China, is also found in parts of South, East, and Southeast Asia. From here, this has become a favorite niche cookware in the rest of the world.

The primary use of woks is done in multiple Chinese cooking techniques such as the steaming, stir-frying, pan frying, poaching, deep frying, braising, boiling, stewing, searing, soup making, smoking and roasting nuts. Wok dish cooking is done with the help of a long-handled ware(s) called chahn (spatula) or hoak (ladle). This long handle allows the wok to work with the dish without letting you burn your hands.

The next important for of cooking is the pressure cooking. With this type of cooking, comes our next type — Pressure cooker. Pressure cooking is the procedure with which the food is cooked with the help of a water or any cooking liquid in a sealed container or vessel called as the pressure cooker in particular. The benefit of this cooking process is that helps to cook the food faster than any kind of a conventional cooking process. Also, it helps in saving the energy. Inside the closed pressure cooker, the pressure is created with this cooking liquid or water. This creates a steam which gets trapped inside the pressure cooker and the same starts to increase the pressure internally and hence increase the temperature. After use, the pressure is gradually discharged so that the container can be opened harmlessly.

How to choose the right pressure cooker and wok from Mr. Cook?

There are many factors which need to be taken before you get your hands on a Pressure Cooker or wok online in India. The factors that can help you deciding on your type of cooker are -

1. whether you need a lid cooker.

2. Define your needs between 1.5 litres to 2 litres of capacity.

3. The kind of base you need in wok or pressure cooker.

4. Most importantly, the shape needed by you for the cooker.

Once you have decided on these factors particularly, you can then get your kind of cooker from Mr. Cooker. Mr. Cooker is an important part of United Cookers and has been launched recently. The main thing that comes with this is that they have come up with multiple types of pressure cookers, pots, and woks. Since India has great and different kind of kitchen needs, hence United Cookers has left no chance where you will yourself empty-handed.