How to make paper flower for home decoration. In this paper arts and crafts video tutorial I’ve shown origami paper flower making easily. This flower can be used for your room’s wall decor. Here I’ve used a 14.5cm X 14.5cm square color paper to make it. This tutorial is completely for beginners. Your kids even can make this flower. Use those home made flowers for decorative purposes. If you like this videos please give us a thumbs up and …. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THIS CHANNEL YOU MAY LIKE OUR OTHER VIDEOS How to Make a Pretty Paper Butterfly Easily How to Make a Paper Lamp Shade Easily. How to Make a Paper Bird for Room Decoration How to Make Paper Shirt — DIY Origami Paper Crafts. How to make a paper neck tie easily How to Make Paper Pants — Easy Origami Crafts. How to Make a Paper Box- Easy Origami Paper Crafts for Kids. How to Make a Four Bladed Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) — New and Easy Method . How to Make a Paper Popper (Super Loud and Easy). How to Make a Paper Crane Easy Origami Paper Flapping Bird OUR SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Google Plus Facebook Twitter Music From :

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