Yesterday, Greg Abbott stated that he plans to “reopen” Texas businesses potentially within the next week. He offered no details of the plans to do so (we’re supposed to get those later), but the implication is that some businesses currently closed by ordinance could reopen. It doesn’t take too much of a reach to be concerned that he wants to relax restrictions to an extent that would end essential physical distancing measures.

To rephrase lightly: it looks like a mistake. Health experts warned for months before the first massive wave of Coronavirus cases in the United States that we needed…

people operating on Coronavirus patient
people operating on Coronavirus patient
Source: CC 2.0: Health.Mil

Donald Trump, known for both mismanagement and catch phrases, displayed both of those talents recently by popularizing the extremely silly perspective on COVID-19 that “the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself”. His implication was that the damage and death toll from crashing markets resulting from a lockdown might be more damaging than the death toll from Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the idea is a falsehood in the first place; any response or strategic planning surrounding COVID-19 that does not involve lockdowns and eradicating the disease will make matters worse.

This is not an opinion. It is a fact. It’s an…

Elisa Cardnell’s Decision Showed Class, Character, and Commitment to the Cause

TX-02 Candidate Elisa Cardnell has officially suspended her congressional campaign just as we were headed into runoff season. Cardnell was looking at long odds against frontrunner Sima Ladjervarian in an effort to replace Dan Crenshaw in November.

Per the campaign:

When we began this campaign no one thought this race was possible. Every rating had Dan Crenshaw in a safe seat with no chance of flipping, but we knew that wasn’t true. We organized, we built a movement here in Houston, and showed that voters across the spectrum want to hold their leaders accountable. …

A man unfurled a Nazi banner at a Bernie Sanders rally yesterday.

It is absurd unto itself to have to explain why unfurling a Nazi banner is anti-Semitic. We don’t have to coat anything to make the case clear; they’re Nazis. They’re murderous. They want to torture, imprison, and kill people. They’re the villain we see in our stories because in spite of having been born a person, they murder and kill other people.

They’re scum. Fuck them.

Yet Washington Post, with its Bezos-sized war chest walking around with its chest puffed out, decided to make this act more normal…

Something always stands out to me about the first past the post bipartisanship frame that is imposed on us by both our legal system and the propaganda machine in the United States:

A lot of the people who pay attention to politics talk about it like sports.

I’m not talking about the fierce flag-waving for our teams, which certainly is something that happens. More like the way the punditry goes down. We tend to talk about who can beat who, as if “the Lakers are playing the Cavs and the starting forward for the Cavs is hurt but the Lakers…

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Last week, Democratic Party Social Media Land spent a lot of time talking about the decision by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to withhold payment from the DCCC, instead opting to use her money to support candidates in specific races. AOC is one of the only House incumbents to refuse to pay the money.

She made the right decision.

The frame of the story peddled by most major media on this particular topic displays the inherent bias toward the Establishment paradigm and against AOC’s decision. …

Most of the front page of the Amicus Brief referenced in the story
Most of the front page of the Amicus Brief referenced in the story

Today, more than 200 congressional representatives filed an amicus brief calling for the United States Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade. The brief itself listed all of the representatives, but not in any sensible order.

Here is everyone who signed on, separated into Senate and House and placed in order of the state and seat they hold within each listing.

I’ll make note of one specific representative, Dan Lipinski, as he is a conservative Democrat who has been protected by the DCCC as a House incumbent and came a shade over two percentage points from losing his last Democratic…

Welcome to the year 2020, everyone. If you’re anything like my old ass, you spent it at home with loved ones and possibly with your pets. And if your pets are anything like mine, they spent it getting spooked, hiding under blankets, or otherwise freaked out by the assortment of loud POPS and BANGS from fireworks…

And guns.

It’s that second thing I want to talk about for a second, not because fireworks can’t possibly be dangerous, but because last night, I did not hear (yet, at least) of an apartment building burning down from fireworks or someone blowing their…

Houstonians dodged a few bullets, took a few shots to the chops, and learned a few lessons.


Houston has put yet another city council election season in the books. Most of the city hardly noticed, as only 18% of us went to the polls. It seems election fatigue (we literally have two special elections for the state legislature coming next year as well as a delayed election for City Council District B, and we just finished two rounds of voting on local races) combined with the fact that local elections take place in odd-numbered years has made for low turnout…

Anthony Dolcefino escorts a white supremacist speaker to the stage at a Turning Point USA event at his college campus.

In one particular race, At-Large 4, Letitia Plummer faces Anthony Dolcefino after emerging as the top two vote getters, with Dolcefino coming in first. Shortly after the election, a local Austin media outlet called Autonomedia, which has reported rather extensively on Dolcefino before, released new information about him and his campaign that should matter to every Houstonian: his campaign manager John Stolz is a white supremacist who admins and expresses extremely racist ideas in a racist Facebook group for UT students called UT Hot Takes and associates with other open white supremacists.

Dolcefino himself affiliates with several other openly racist…

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