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TL;DR: We’re continuing the Aave Ecosystem Grants program, with Round 2! Scroll down to ‘Grants Round 2: How to Apply’ section to learn more.

Grants Round 1 Results

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Since we announced the Ecosystem Grants Round 1 in April, we received more than 30 applications and have funded 23 of them (70% of the applicants!). In total, we’ve offered more than 70,000 aDai to developers, builders, and projects that have (or plan to) integrate Aave.

Projects ranged from portfolio apps, complex financial products, to games and interfaces to make it easier to deposit and save money.

Among the grantees, these are some of the publicly announced…

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Update (8 July 2020): Since this blog post, we’ve evaluated 30+ projects and awarded many with grants. For more details, including how to apply for Round 2, see: https://medium.com/aave/aave-ecosystem-grants-round-2-33e7ffed7933

Original post below…

Today we’re announcing the launch of the Aave Ecosystem Grants: Round 1.

Since the mainnet launch of Aave Protocol in January, we’ve seen an explosion of growth in the total market size of Aave (~$38M), the amount of developers building on top of the protocol, and the number of integrations with dApps and wallets.

We want to continue and encourage this growth in the Aave Ecosystem, supporting individuals, entrepreneurs, and teams of all sizes, where a relatively small grant can help them #BUIDL. …

Sometime at the beginning of 2019, I had a thesis to test: the price of bitcoin and ethereum are sometimes correlated with perceived sentiment in the market.

For example: a news article would announce that an exchange was hacked, so the price would fall, or a developer would announce on Twitter that they’ve open sourced a scaling solution, so the price would rise. I’m not a big believer in the magic of Technical Analysis (TA), so did not incorporate any TA signals or TA sentiment in my experiment.

I found that there were a few services that provided APIs for sentiment analysis of this kind, however I thought to myself: ‘If you found a way to predict the market, why would you create a SaaS business out of it instead of becoming the next Bridgewater or Berkshire Hathaway?’. These services had a lack of ‘skin in the game’ and kept all the potential upside, with no downside. So I decided to investigate this myself by building and deploying, to production with real funds, an automated sentiment analysis experiment. …


David Truong

BuildΞr @AaveAave + CollateralSwap.com + david.truong.vc.

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