A pathway to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies

Most consumers will need to step through the hoops of crypto-exchanges to acquire their first cryptocurrency, before they can interact with the rest of the crypto-ecosystem.
An alternative way to acquiring cryptocurrencies is via earning mechanisms.

The problem with current earning platforms

For mass market consumers, will they go through the work of using a platform to earn cryptocurrencies, before the value is clear to them? The above schematic shows how a user must ‘do work’, before they are able to see their earning potential in the platform, creating friction for mass adoption.

A potential solution

In the above scenario, mass market consumers would understand the value immediately, before putting in ‘the work’ to earn the cryptocurrency. This is because the earning opportunity is not hidden behind a platform wall, but fully visible upfront for them to decide on whether to pursue ‘the work’.

The Pixelcoins are the incentive mechanism, the action the consumer takes is a Proof of Engagement (PoE).

Each line indicates the potential flow of Pixelcoins in the ecosystem

In effect, the consumer earns cryptocurrency which is funded by an advertiser, encouraged by an influencer they admire, who in turn receives more engagement with the content they create.





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