What I’ve found after living in the Riches in the early 20s

It’s been a lot of experiences throughout the last couple of years

The life events were not appreciated, taken for granted: experiences, lifestyle, freedom..

Going to SPA daily, travelling with brand new $100 000-$300 000 cars many times a week went unappreciated, days were feeling empty.. Smile outside — NO happiness inside.

Billionaire friend and his friendships were taken for granted..

Winning two business awards for being the influence for the youth of London — taken as a casual day going out

I asked those things for Universe for all my life, but once I received the ask, all that went unappreciated

Such as the daily appliances, such as electricity.. We do not care about it until it’s gone

I’ve been young, and been foolish, I’ve paid my price.

I had a big ego.. and still daily fighting to not let my ego to get into my life which can affect the loved ones..

Last year, we have connected again our arms with Inesa, to pursue our LifeLong Dreams and Goals

I’ve felt as I was born again, the feeling I haven’t felt for the previous couple of years..

The days of emptiness were filled with pleasant experiences, warmth, love, happiness, sincere smile and new born purpose was discovered..

Inesa has helped me to understand the true meaning of family, care, responsibility and commitment.

She’s the smartest girl I’ve ever met, who doesn’t take no for an answer if she really really wants something.

We kept on following our dreams, and moved to live to the most beautiful and prestigious place to live, surrounded with fabulous green mountains and crystal clear sea water, opening city buildings in the other side, searching for happiness again..

Though we had it within us..

We did not find happiness in the location, nor it felt like home

We had many challenges business related, but always overgrew them thinking and sharing ideas together, expressing our minds

And still I’ve been feeling way more alive than that than have been surrounded with the luxury

We realised our happiness is there where the heart is, in the place where we both feel home, feel blessed, and happy, doing what we both love, and becoming the best at it ~ Inesa & David