Don’t Compromise Your Pen!

The joy of writing, right! Spectators have no idea the amount of work us writers and authors go through to create our art. It can have benefits, but it can be surrounded in gloom as well. I am three weeks in since I released my ebook. And I can tell you I have been experimenting with finding the one break that will take my author’s journey to the next level. I would not get discouraged though. Because even with a little social media following before my free ebook launch, my ebook went to number one in two categories and three on the day of promo during my free ebook promo. Not bad! There is so much more I am ready to do.

The one thing I have learned throughout my journey as a writer is to NEVER compromise your artistry. It will be people who enjoy your work and others who don’t. But NEVER sacrifice who you are as an author for sales and recognition. To me, it is not worth it. You could even rise to the top and establish a name for yourself. However, if it was done to please the majority(and not gotten organically), was it really worth it?

I am the kind of author who knows the message he wants to convey. I have a story behind the things I write about. This is my life created in art form. I know that the things I talk about in my books firsthand. I will never write about things that I have not experienced or do not wish to talk about. At the end of each book, I want to feel proud of what I created.

My new book, Thoughts To Highlight Your Life- The Beginning is fresh as the day I developed the concept. Being happy will never be a fad. Having the desire to love and be loved will never go out of style. And our lives are indeed a journey. We are the drivers behind the direction we wish our lives to go. This book just deliver it in unique way!

In closing, the writing machine is in progress. I have a lot of writing to do in the future. If you think this book is all I have to offer, think again. There are things I have not even address yet that are stirring in my spirit to talk about. So to my writers, don’t be afraid of the pen. And to my readers, I hope you embrace my literary art with the love and heart that is behind it. Let’s get to penning it! 🖊🖊🖊