Don’t Put Your Happiness In Trouble

Happiness is Great When Trouble Don’t Elevate

Are you ready for happiness to be GREAT in your life? Not just good or better! Are you ready for your happiness to allow you to soar? I know that I am. Love is not the only thing up to battle- my happiness as well. Happiness just make loving yourself and others better. Happiness is a treasure(spoken in previous blog)! So don’t wait for others to make your happiness happen. Let’s do this!

I have one request from you- don’t elevate trouble. Stop giving it ammunition to destroy your life. The more we focus on the trouble instead of our happiness, the more our happiness will fall into the abyss. When trouble comes in your life, you have two options- you can choose to elevate trouble by adding to it or you can choose to find a solution and a way to get back to your happy place. In addition, don’t just talk about only the things that trouble you. But talk about the reasons why your happiness is valuable too.

Happiness is not just a feeling with a smile attached(many people can pretend to smile); it is an important part in maintaining a positive lifestyle. I deeply believe no one wants to be unhappy. Most of us fight too hard to seek happiness rather through people or things. For some people, it is where they seek out their comfort. But the harsh reality is that there is no real happiness without finding it from within. (Check out my last blog on happiness)

My final thoughts- your happiness is indeed a great treasure. Once you have discovered it, you will fight hard to keep happiness present in your life. Don’t give up when trouble comes your way. Just don’t elevate the trouble. Again, never place people and things as a remedy to find happiness. It will only be temporary happiness. And we all are seeking happiness- long term! Let your happiness take you on the journey your life deserves! 👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽

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