Top 7 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tips to Boost Website Traffic

You may be thinking that — how you can raise business income online & boost website traffic. You must be even more fascinated when you’ll get to know most of the people do not spend a single penny on advertising. The business income can be generated through your own website. Although, it is just a tip of iceberg & over things will only get better. We as the web development company Brisbane, MR Development & Hosting, are here to explain you top seven search engine optimisation (SEO) tips that certainly boost your website traffic, regardless the size of your business. These tips will generate a huge amount of income for you.

A well designed website is well-placed in SERPs (search engine result pages) & will generate tremendous traffic to your website as well. It tends to get more visitors & more leads that you can generate with that. More leads the website generates, the more business you get.

The majority of people run their own blogs or websites. There are still who want to generate some sort of income out of that. In actual, millions of websites are out there trying to get to the very first page of Google search results. Therefore, what are the odds as your website will be among top 10 search results on Google for a specific keyword?

Let the experts of SEO & web design company Brisbane will explain you.

Target Long Tail Keywords

Usually, long-tail keywords include 3 to 4 keywords. You can use them without thinking of so much. This is due to the fact that long keywords are more specific & fewer people use them. It also means that these keywords are less competitive. The best search engine optimisation services also invest in long tail keywords for better ranking as well as leads.

Focus On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation means that things that you can do on your website in order to make it more visible, popular & get more & more leads. Basically, you work on website pages in order to make it better & search-engine friendly. All you need to focus on-page optimisation, you’ll concentrate on meta title tags as they must be compelling & not too long.

SEO Friendly URLs

It is pivotal to clean URLs instead of using URLs with a lot of parameters. Also, check URLs in the browser only if it looks like messy or unmanaged then there is a problem.

Make Sure Proper Header Tags Usage

The most important tag is a <h1> tag on any web page. Thus, make sure that wrap the title page within <H1> header tag. Header should be wrapped within header tags ranging from <h2> to <h6> tags.

Use lots of Optimised Images

For maximum speed, use optimised images only that take less time to upload. Do not upload high-resolution image as it is. The lower the size of an image, faster it will load.

Use Keyword in The Very First Paragraph

Keep sentence short in the beginning of the content. You should need to place content in first 100 paragraphs to get better keyword ranking.

Invest in Long-Form of Content

Do you want to increase the chance of past appearing on the first page of Google or any search engine? If yes, invest simply in lengthy content.

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