5 Reasons Healthcare is Different from Every Other Commodity
Nicholas Grossman

First, I think we need some type of system that would provide healthcare to all (spread the risk to everyone on the country, lowering costs), but then I watch a documentary in the UK with morbid obese people seeking treatment and guess what? They hide junk food to eat during treatment just wasting resources and everyone’s time.

1- If individuals make bad choices it is their problem, they are responsible for it. And in this case, number 4 is included. I think you subestimate how regulated that market is. Can you just go and start your insurance company? No, you can’t even create new competition, or create contracts which demand people to take better care of themselves (lowering health risks, lowering expected costs). And then you have a lot of regulation on drugs, patents, etc… I believe that when Shapiro talks about healthcare he is not only talking about hospitals.

2- Well, maybe we need more education on that, or people should read more. You are responsible for your well being.

5- Of course the public does not like the result, they also do not help themselves to prevent bad outcomes. Eat burgers and bacon for 30 years, get fat and then get sad that now you have to sell your house to get treatment.

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