How to Be a Good Classicist Under a Bad Emperor
Donna Zuckerberg

once again someone without a clue about all that she complains. So Gamergate was just about hate, not about corruption on game journalism and “gaming” the system in order to push forward projects that were complete failure?

Or how that evolved in order to avoid censorship and creative control over other projects that people really enjoy? Do you mean to say that there was no feminist push against games such as Doom, GTA, even Fallout I guess? Really, did you inform yourself at all about this subject, or you are like Sarkesian?

About your points:

  1. Usually when they talk about the classics they are talking about the philosophy, not about the social structure Greece had. They also usually include more modern thinkers, like John Stuart Mill, the term classic is loosely used.
  2. They have no care for identity politics, they care about ideas, Ayn Rand is cited all the time. Your sugestion is just admission that your aim is to create a bias towards your ideological spectrum.
  3. Like the pressure and control feminism and PC has on academia? Wow, imagine this new pressure for a less bias discussion, how horrible it must be for you. And how easy it is to just bundle everyone together with Nazis, that way you can just ignore all opposing views.
  4. Well, no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want too, very Rand like, I agree.
  5. You are free to support your causes, go for it, people only care when you actively support harmful legislation (such as trying to get rid of innocent until proven guilty).
  6. If there are really people trying to rationalize being a Nazi, they should be pointed out, sure. But with evidence, and without generalization (after all, not all muslins are terrorists, right?).
  7. Very subtle way of saying young men are stupid. Wow, such class you have, how unbiased of you…..
  8. Well, go for it, harmful people should be ousted. Let’s just see how long it takes to saying anything that disagrees with you is harmful.