Free Speech and Hate Speech
Yonatan Zunger

The problem is not the ban of hate speech, the problem is how you classify what is hate speech, and frankly, as far as I know, your examples of hate speech are alread banned in the US. A male speaker talking about male suicide would be hate speech?

Another example, and this is a hot topic, if one points out that a transsexual female has XY chromossomes in all her cells, therefore this person is a male, would that be hate speech? (let’s forget the whole pronouns debacle for a moment).

In fact, the government has been doing very little, as it should, however we have ver active political groups that are using their “free speech” to stop others of speaking, in MOST cases with not a single shred of reason. And that just polarizes people, now we are seeing a rise on active political groups with the sole purpose of acting agains the current idiots. Everyone that thinks different is being called a Nazi, laws will do very little to change this.

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