Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Yeah, quite a lot of assumption about men that you would never accept if a guy wrote about women.

And so much of it is the same the other way around, if a woman does not feel horny it is 100% the man’s fault. Talking about how we feel? that is the fastest way to scare away women, it is just empirical experience. Men are very logical, they choose the best plan within his means to hookup. If talking about feelings worked, in one year men would become specialized on it.

Your bit on about being low status, most men measure it by accomplishments, if he gets as many girls as he wants of his type (average or not) he will care very little, however I agree that if he is with a fat woman (and, at least in Brazil, fat has very different measures when made by a man or a woman) there is some social pressure, but there is a surprise: the only people I have ever heard to be bothered when a guy is with a fat woman are other woman. In fact, it is even easier to be friends with guys that have different tastes than yours. Maybe some subcultures, “jocks”, will have more social pressure.

Well, I just hope you do not date men anymore, it really sucks to be with a woman that simply despises you.