Services Worker, a new way to boost up your websites

Recently, I started an investigation about working offline with Chrome and I was so lucky to join a google event which gave me a great opportunity to explore on cool technique for making the sites faster. Google named it as services worker.

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it is a really amazing technique. Basically, the technique provides a worker for acting as a cache proxy. It will cache your urls .This cache proxy is extremely useful to serve data instantly. To adapt with the technique, we should break down our websites into two parts. The first part is called shell-UI containing static parts or seldom update parts in the sites. The second part is about data on the sites that need up to date whenever users request. By caching static parts, then everything is served instantly when requests come.

We start using services worker into our Episerver CMS. From technical point of view, a Episerver CMS is a combination of iframes and many of them are actually never changed. So it is perfect fit for services worker. Currently the implementation is under construction. So far, we got a very positive result when applying the technique.

At this moment, services worker are implemented in Chrome only but it soon will be implemented by FireFox. So it is a promising future for start using services worker.

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