The Idea of Idea

Ideas do not happen from nothing; they do not miraculously strike like rare comets, but are ever present. Ideas are a reflection of a person’s immediate needs and deepest desires. Ideas are birthed from a need to find a solution. An idea occurs when a person develops an attraction to something that does not yet exist, or has only existed in a different context.

The idea chooses you.

You may notice the idea blatantly; it may immediately overwhelm you with its enrapturing potential. It may subtly reveal itself at first, but persistently drop signs that it seeks you to court it. When an idea chooses you, it entangles with the emotions, possessing a person like a spirit. The idea will run you through a spectrum of emotions, you become like a puppet on the strings of idea. You get excited talking about it, in the hopes that it resonates with another person, because it is something special to you. You feel guilty for not executing or neglecting it. You may feel crazy for being the only one that holds it, sees its value. You get dissatisfied for living in a world with no evidence of its existence. Seeing someone else do it makes you jealous. Pursuing it terrifies you, but those wild enough to devote their immediate gratifications to bring down heaven find that the process fills the person with a joy and fulfillment unparalleled to anything else. This is what many describe as fulfilling their purpose.

Deep down, you and the idea both know that the idea is more important than you, your existence, your needs, in your current reality. It seeks to share reveal itself through you. You are an outfit for ideas. You know the idea is essential to improving your life, as well as the greater good of the collective conscious. The perfect time to execute the idea never comes, the level of resistance seems to always elusively matches the degree which you desire the idea.

Ideas are unborn realities that temporarily possess those who are most eligible in potential execution.

To create is to receive from the unseen, and if it chooses you, it can choose someone else too. Ideas are maverick quantum fragments. They belong to no one. The best a person can do is refine themselves to the point they may be worthy of receiving and combining their unique imprint with the best possible ideas from the transcendent plane of all-there-is-and-ever-will-be.

Many people get stuck talking about ideas, because the ideas themselves are so alluring. Ideas are like affection, execution is like childbirth. The land of ideas is pure from messy realities. People talk about ideas to share the excitement they feel about it, the mutual basking of an idea provides an instant gratification and for most people, this is enough. But ideas are not seeking a spokesperson. Ideas deeply desire to be created, just as much as you deeply desire to be involved with its creation.

If the idea gifts you with its presence but you do not fulfill the labor or share with anyone, it will torment you. You will pay. You grow rigid and dissatisfied with your current world for the debt you have not paid for your fantasy; your expectations for people become distorted with residual resentment. You will avoid your responsibilities. You will overpromise and under deliver. You will dislike and lose faith in yourself. You will feel alone and you will make yourself alone. If you do not execute the idea, the idea will make you tell someone who will, just so you can claim some sort of stake in its existence.

If you embark on the manifestation of the idea, you will come in contact with those who share the same ideas as you, or will challenge your idea, which strengthen or alters them. We are all vessels for ideas, meant to intersect to shape, sharpen and improve another, to bring forth better ideas. You will inspire all who bear witness to you. You will feel in control of your life. You will trust yourself and attract people you trust. You will be productive in a direction that is gratifying and beneficial to the universe. You will feel aligned with your desires. You will consistently energized, and alive with excitement. You will be a beacon of light.

Since ideas belong to no one, it is impossible to steal an idea. We mimic or we channel. Stealing an idea is a false concept because ideas are contagious. Ideas choose their best possible vessel, but if the vessel does not execute, the idea will find a way to express itself through someone else. People who have many great ideas often consult others, spreading their greater idea and vision to others who will execute it in their own way. Visionaries are those who manage to shape their fantasy world and manipulate time, space and effort to intersect the dimensions of desire and existence. The nature of ideas follows momentum: the more ideas you have, the more ideas you get, and so forth. The more you cast the net of your subconscious into the infinite world of possibilities, the larger your net gets and the more you know how to eliminate the unnecessary. Ideas are like water that gets used and purified over and over again, changing forms. You can never run out of ideas, and clutching onto ideas is useless. Weak ideas become less relevant as time goes by, since the conditions in which the idea came, constantly evolve. Ideas can be good one month and terrible the next, or the month before. To manifest is to date time, and your chance eventually runs out. Let ideas go. They are supposed to. Better ones come. Great creative careers are built upon a long, consistent stream of new ideas, and occasional bad ones that everyone eventually forgets about. The word “epic” really means “a long story”. This is the true definition of “epic”.

The best ideas are repeated, replicated, reproduced over and over until they become a part of culture. This is what is meant by the old adage “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Culture is created through repetition, and repetition is created rampant approval. Ideas find their way into the world one way or another, and their success is measured on its impact. Some ideas may have a great impact on a few people, some may have a minor impact on a mass population, few have a great impact on a great number of people, but ideas find their way. The highest function of an idea is to get as many people to repeat it as possible. Ideas only want to exist through people. The more people share an idea, the more powerful it becomes. If a person is to devote their life to channeling ideas, they must be disciplined in refining themselves as if their existence were a divine tool, because it is. They must inform, train, polish and nurture themselves. Every potential idea recipient is equipped with their unique technique, their executional thumbprint that is sculpted through countless hours of repetition and focus. To create is to court the world of ideas, to intimately receive its vital parts and rigorously improve yourself to execute it the best way possible.

The world is constantly pulsating with idea, ideas are the source of all. You start off as an idea with capabilities to channel other ideas. To create is to surrender to the world of ideas and sacrifice your surrounding reality to make shape to the idea. Idea gives shape to us and we give shape to idea.