The Three Modes of The Creative Lifestyle

I have simplified my creative process — and thus, lifestyle, since they are inextricable — into 3 modes. The intensity of these modes is subject to variance and the modes are not mutually exclusive or sequential. These modes may be expressed with some overlap, one foot in one mode, the other in another. However, in their pure essence, they represent three extremes from which all energy input/output can be mapped. The time spent in each mode can range from hours to months, but the time distribution must be evenly balanced. There is no particular order or pattern. Too much time in one mode leads to exhaustion, dulled senses and plateaus in personal progress. Neutrality is not an option. Moderation, at best, is a well-orchestrated revolving practice of alternating extremes.

Although this can be expressed domestically, this typically involves travel, living out of a suitcase, at times not knowing when or where I will sleep or eat. It is highly integrated with the social climate and requires constant presence in the midst of comrades and strangers while being interdependent on hosts, clients, and other transactional agreements. This is a high spending and earning period, from which many new opportunities emerge. Functioning in this stage requires a suspended state of exuding charisma, finesse and attention to surroundings. The unbridled nature of this mode may manifest in an excess of sex, drugs, and other indulgences of a deviant nature. A healthy sleeping cycle is made obsolete. The diet is mostly maintained through a sense of survivalist impulse. Physical mindfulness is crucial, being that this mode makes one susceptible to rapid weight loss or gain. Health practices may range from total neglect to boot camp fitness routines. A fluid sense of resilience is necessary due to susceptibility of being the recipient of unforeseeable misfortune. Spiritual observances are a key cautionary measure as well as a method in realignment. Unseen forces rule the course of events in this phase more so than any other settings. High risk and high reward occur swiftly during this period, Murphy’s Law is in constant effect. This period is a hurricane of new information on every plane of existence. New territories of the earth become familiarized as well as relationships and interpersonal development. This is also the only time when music on the radio serves as a backdrop. The production of new work, sketches, and blueprints are recommended if circumstances do not harshly interfere, but is optional. Studies and other focused intellectual pursuits are at a minimum unless it is entirely impromptu or involves another person. This is a time for social momentum. It is in this arena where all long-term plans and ideas of the self are put to test, for character and progress are not developed in isolation. New figures who are introduced around this time are carefully considered, because every person we attract represents an aspect of ourselves that requires attention at the time. Windows close, doors open, and life-changing dramas unfold. Stories are made. This is an unpredictable time reserved for exploration, bonding, entrepreneurship, adventure, inspiration, and transformative experiences.

Time enters a vacuum in the time-space continuum. Life contracts into the mind and expands into the astral world. This phase requires a designated place from where one should seldom depart. Most may consider it lazy or depressing, due to the copious amounts of sleep and lack of social activity, but it is in this nebulous murk of solitude that redemption is found in more intrinsic ways. All group settings are to be avoided; any conversation at this time revolves around big ideas being processed, and only with trusted figures. It is necessary to indulge in excessive amounts of sleep, since sleep repairs the cells, slows aging, and rejuvenates the mind. A great deal of mental energy is required; this is a highly intellectual and emotional phase involving intense focused periods of reading and writing. All erotic creative energy is directed inward. Masturbation can also be performed in excess, but only without the aid of any external visual cues in order to provoke self-generated fantasy as well as invigorate the physical senses. Communication with entities in other dimensions is more lucid during this period than anytime else. Grooming, personal relationships and business correspondences must suffer. Health should be in a restorative mode through yoga and calinsthetics as well as fasting or detoxing. Any personal experiments of self-discipline are best to execute during this time. News and all other time-sensitive forms of media outlets are to be avoided. Distractions are either relentlessly eradicated or fully pursued. Although a vortex of clicks can be edifying, the Internet and social media should be used sparingly and with focused intention. The same goes for the ingestion of mind-altering substances including marijuana and alcohol. No new work is to be produced, but the blueprints for great, vague ideas begin to take shape. Daydreaming becomes a very serious undertaking. Old memories as well as new ones are revisited and re-encrypted, forming new meaning to remain relevant. Lines among imagination, memory, and future projections blur and the limitlessness of the mental plane is explored. Whether through vivid dreams or active contemplation, memory and imagination conjure forms that are more grand and compelling than any external source of inspiration. Imaginary events unfolding in the mental theatre are so powerful that they evoke real life facial expressions, tears and laughter. These hypothetical situations and imaginary realities that formulate during this time are psychically preserved to manifest into actuality in due season.

This is a period of manifestation in which all activities are enraptured in the momentum of making ideas real. Sleeping and grooming routines may suffer due to this level of rigorous production. Productivity may take form in business correspondences or creative labor. Research, studies, leisurely communications are done in moderation. This stage is a less extreme combination of the other two stages with a severe emphasis on producing new work. In the first stage, the energy is directed outward in the public sphere. In the second stage, energy is directed inward in the private sphere. In this stage, energy is directed outward, in the private sphere. The imaginative realities of previous contemplative phases begin to take tangible form in controlled settings. Surrendering to emotional or intellectual pursuits during this time interfere with production and communication. Professionalism and fast-turnover rate are paramount. In this stage, new production techniques are discovered through trial and error. Whether anyone likes or dislikes the work is inconsequential. The most important thing is that it is seen to completion. Overly indulging in fantasies or social settings is inappropriate during this time. Honing the craft is the primary focus, since mastery requires countless hours of work. Actions that take place must be incredibly strategic. Research done during this period is entrepreneurship-oriented. Definitive solutions are the driving force. Despite the intense level of work, this is not a phase of anxiety or burden but rather exhilaration and release. This is a building period in which one seizes opportunity to leave as much palpable evidence of brilliance as possible.

Entropy, restoration and production do not form a clear cycle but they do occur in response to each other. One may spend years in one zone, with brief intermittent flashes of the other zones. The duration and intensity of each phase vary depending on the make-up and lifestyle of the individual. The pressure of doing something else is always present, creating resistance in fully experiencing whatever phase is current. The human condition is underpinned with a feeling of shame and need for salvation; this is neutralized through conformity and balanced life. However, life experience is maximized when applying each sector to extreme measures, with little overlap. Experiencing each zone, regardless of order or pattern is fully is crucial to development and fulfillment.