What is there to disagree with, concerning -being- gay or lesbian?
Phillip Lightweis-Goff

A. In Evolution it’s unproductive. In the Bible it’s against God’s law. Even without those consideration, it’s still lust, more than it is love. What about the proof that coincides with STD’s and domestic abuse among lesbians? What about the children hurt by a divorce due to a parent’s changing personal choice of gender preference?

B. Atheists and Christians disagree, but do you see ALL of them fighting each other?

C. It isn’t gay people hurting other people. It’s the propaganda & lies spread by the power hungry people who form these false movements.

D. Progressive “tolerance” is ”agree with me and support me or you’re a bigot.” Real tolerance is “you believe what you want to believe, I believe what I want to believe. I don’t care.”

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