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Email newsletters have been a relatively recent addition to my morning routines but they’re something I value as highly as my favorite podcasts in some cases. Newsletters and especially newsletters via email are by no means new but I think services like The Skimm have certainly popularized the brief curated medium. We’re surrounded by an abundance of information each and every day, selected a source who’s dedicated to bringing you a slice of news from a segment of your interest has greatly improved the quality of my media diet.

I’m making this list in the hope that someone will find…

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Takeout Central had a problem. We were running a TCP Server and a UDP Server. Both were written in Perl. Neither was taking advantage of concurrency. At the same time, our team of Delivery Heroes became frustrated while beta testing an IoT device in the field. Information sent to the ten beta test devices took an hour or more to update, which we found to be an unacceptable amount of time.

Enter Go. I’d used Go in the past. It was my language of choice for Advent Of Code 2017. As I kept up with the five days of challenges…

Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst

Pizza is the classic delivery food. Whether it’s a treat for date night or the entree between a family on movie night, nothing is better than a hot & fresh pizza delivered so you can spend more time together and less time driving.

The pizza we’re going to be talking about here is your new favorite local Chapel Hill Italian restaurants with the best pizza in town delivered in Takeout Central hot bags to ensure no cold slices tonight!

Italian Pizzeria III

This blog is an expanded version of a letter that I sent to my NC State Rep Verla Insko

This week the NC State Representative from Wilkes County, Jeffery Elmore, proposed H157, a bike registration bill. If passed, cyclists riding on any NC state road will be required to pay $10/year for a registration card and plate for their bicycle and failure to do so can result in a fine up to $25. As a bike lover and cyclist, I’m vehemently opposed to this bill. …

Mike Renoe

VP of Engineering at Takeout Central. Writing about Software, running and traveling.

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