Voxelus Statement About Discontinuing Partnership with Uphold

Uphold was an initial launch and technology partner with Voxelus in its marketplace and online wallet. We have since taken this technology in-house and are no longer working with Uphold as a partner.

This was our decision.

Since only a limited amount of transactions are moving through Uphold, we feel we are more than covered for liquidity with our existing distribution arrangements with Bittrex, Poloniex and Shapeshift, as well our ability to sell voxels with paypal. After December 10th, we will not be working with Uphold as a distribution partner; anyone with tokens stored at Uphold is advised to transfer them to the Voxels QT wallet, available at https://www.thevoxel.com

Halsey Minor, co-founder and chairman of Voxelus, who envisioned the Voxel as the first in-game cryptocurrency for virtual reality, is as strongly committed to Voxelus and Voxels as ever. He is no longer an executive or on the board of Uphold but remains a shareholder. The rest of the Voxelus team also remains unchanged, led by CEO Martin Repetto and cofounder Maximo Radice as COO. Core developer Jim Blasko still maintains the blockchain, which is one of the most secure in all of cryptocurrency.

Voxelus will share a development update next week that will show where the product is and the plans for 2017. We can’t be more excited about the future of VR, Voxelus and The Voxel.

I’ve said this many times already, we aren’t here for the quick buck or to make money on crypto speculating, we are here to build a VR ecosystem where the voxel is a fundamental part of it.

The future for VR and The Voxel can NEVER be better. The next release of Voxelus will be an integrated application for building and playing followed by voxel powered VR marketplace.

Martin Repetto — Voxelus CEO.

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