Voxelus Update — October 2016

Hi All,

First and foremost I want to say that it’s been quite a while since I post an official Voxelus Update and I apologize for that, the truth is that we’ve been busy not only at work but also at planning and studying VR past, current and next steps. It’s really hard for a company like us, that has 3 years already into VR to figure out what are the RIGHT steps moving forward. VR has changed A LOT in the past 2 years and the ideas that sounded great for a product years ago might not apply today due to where the technology is and where is going. We’ve saw a lot of pivoting from VR companies and a from VR devices manufactories.

When we started with Voxelus the idea of building on a PC or Mac and experimenting VR on a device was a great one, people are used to computers more than Head-Mounted Devices (HMD) and the input devices for HMD were yet to appear, in fact no one knew what will those be. Then we saw great adoption for traditional gamepads and a lot of experimentation with motion controllers.

This research and experimentation lasted 2 years, hey… as of today there are no motion controllers available for mass purchase at retail stores.

Voxelus is a first mover in the VR industry, with this comes opportunities and also a lot of “mistakes” or going in the “wrong direction”. I am quoting because we consider this learning, we’ve learned a lot and I believe that where we are going now is the right direction and where VR is going to achieve mass adoption.

In a nutshell this is Mobile VR with gamepad + motion controllers.

We also feel that platforms like Google DayDream will be the ruling ones for mass adoption. Having the ability to enable hundred of millions of existing smartphones that have VR capabilities is the way to go. That’s why we are already working on Google DayDream.

Let me share with you a high level roadmap for Q4 2016 and Q1/Q2 2017. These are the major tasks we are working on that reflects our changes in strategy an direction.

The highlight of this announcement should be the understanding that our new major release, Voxelus 2.0, will be a completely stand alone application for building and playing inside Virtual Reality.

Make no mistake, Voxelus is alive and will be in the VR industry for a long time. We believe (as Mark Zuckerberg believes) that we are in the early days of an industry that will probably have the largest impact in consumer electronics and entertainment since the Internet. We might change direction but we are committed to make Voxelus the user generated platform for VR.

Voxelus 2.0 High Level Roadmap.

Q4 2016

  • New homepage that showcases a partnership with a 360 camera manufacturer and a discount paying with Voxels.
  • The launch of the Voxels Payment System. Basically we will be providing support to anyone wanting to take voxels as a form of payment for the purchase of physical and digital assets.
  • Creation and upload of worlds in VR starting from scratch or with already created templates.
  • Multiplayer VR map editing (you can edit maps with others in multiplayer)
  • New game modes enabled by the ability of playing and building.

Q1 2017.

  • Exclusive Game mode for Q1 2017. We can’t talk much about it at this point but imaging something like “lemmings” but in VR :)
  • Movie recording, the ability to hit “record” and move objects and characters on a scene to make cartoons and movies.
  • Support for Google Daydream Daydream (this might happen on Q4 2016)

Q2 2017.

  • 360 videos and photos integration
  • VR Marketplace. The marketplace can be accessed and browsed within the VR app not requiring the web version anymore. Altho the web version will always be maintained

Thanks for the continued support.

Martin Repetto — Voxelus CEO