So here is a quick write up of the short animated Gif I made of how to accept monetary support from your Zoom attendees using Buy me a coffee.

Even though I work from home I can not remember a time where I have used Zoom at the volume and variety of the last month during the Covid19 global crisis.

You have probably also found yourself using zoom like never before? Attending everything from Virtual Personal training classes to Virtual Finance Consultations?

Have you also been running your own Zoom events?

Have you been offering your Zoom events for free?

One of the many appeals of owning a Campervan is the idea that it can be a home from home.

The idea that you can have everything you need to make a meal sleep and stay somewhere for a night or two and even do some work or relax and watch a movie. A camper VS sleeping in a Tent, means that you are off the ground in the warm and not dependant on the weather.

However, you might not yet be ready to take the plunge to get your own camper.

So what if your car was a car…

Find the camper of your dreams with Peer 2 peer Camper Van Hire

So my own camper ownership journey started not long ago, after years of dreaming of owning my own home on wheels.

This also included constantly boring my family with talk about Campervans. Nothing has changed there! In fact, I think I talk more about campers more now that I own one.

Beach Life: A day at the beach with our camper

Owning my own camper always seemed like a pipe dream rather than something that would ever become a reality. …


Discover how to become a Freelancer online with the ‘Ditch the Job’ 5-day challenge.!

You have creative skills and you would love to take the plunge and work for yourself. But you’re scared.

Or maybe you don’t consider yourself a creative person at all, yet you’re tired of working in a J.O.B. you don’t really like and would LOVE to do something creative and have the freedom to work for yourself.

But, you don’t have a clue where to start, or how to take the next step. …

Lee Launches | Get Your Van | Mr Explainer

On a mission to Launch a new creative project everyday… Freelance Motion Designer, Advocate for freelancing online.

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