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January 1st. There is something special about that date. A blank slate. A full year that promises new opportunities and potential. No other date on the calendar fills you with as much enthusiasm and productive thoughts.

What if you could recreate that feeling every single week or even every day?

Create Systems Not Resolutions

Don’t get confused. I am not telling you to set new resolutions each week. I believe that resolutions are an ineffective tool for productivity. They are rooted in wishes rather than concrete goals. How often have you actually stuck to your resolutions?

Over 30% of people have given up on their resolutions by January 12th according to research conducted by Strava. …

What robbing virtual banks taught me about passive income

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Along with 99% of the world, I suddenly had a lot of free time. My daily commute vanished, and my job required only 1-hour per day. I committed to using that time creatively.

I needed a way to upskill and become a better entrepreneur. Never let a good crisis go to waste as a wise man once said.

Friends suggested online copywriting courses, video editing classes, or meditation.

What I did start doing was playing my Xbox again and in particular, GTA V. This would prove to be one of the best business schools I’ve ever attended.

Let me breakdown the 5 key lessons, becoming an online crime boss has taught me. No real-life crimes were committed for the purposes of writing this article. …

The deal will be the tipping point for the audio giant

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Spotify has completed the deal of the year by securing Joe Rogan for a modest $100m. I don’t believe the number is this low and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s $25m signing bonus, along with a $25m yearly payment combined with a slice of the ongoing advertising revenue to bring this over the $100m mark.

A Bargain?

Not only have they secured Joe Rogan, but they have also secured something else of massive value, and that is his back catalog of episodes.

The Joe Rogan Experience has been on air since 2009 and in that time has produced 1,476 episodes of his podcast. …

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The guy is everywhere. I can’t open my Instagram or YouTube without being greeted by a new piece of content by the Gary Vaynerchuk. (AKA Gary Vee, AKA Gary Vay-ner-chuk)

If you haven’t seen a piece of Gary Vee content, welcome to the internet, it must be your first day around here.

Disclaimer, I’m a Gary Vee fan. This isn’t going to be yet another tear down piece or “going in” on him.

The guy is a content producing machine and his key hypothesis is that every business must be producing content or you are irrelevant.

But is it really possible for a “normal entrepreneur” to produce the sheer volume of content he claims you need to thrive as a business? …

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1. Airbnb/Short Term Rentals

Airbnb has exploded in popularity since 2015 and depending on the location of your home, this could be the most lucrative way to earn some extra cash.

Listing on Airbnb is pretty simple but there is a certain amount of work involved before and during a guest’s stay.

The key things to get right at the start are to take high quality photos of your property and to create a compelling listing.

Search Airbnb for properties in your area to get an idea on what price you should set. …

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1. Notebook/Moleskin Notebook

Regular journaling and note-taking is the quickest and most effective way to executing on your ideas. The format is not important right now, the key thing is to get into a regular habit of writing. Charting your progress, plan your goals and monitor your progress. This single purchase will increase your productivity by 100%.

For a more expensive option, you can buy a BestSelf Journal which is already broken down into an easy to follow structure. Highly recommended if you want an easy way to start.

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Moleskin Notebooks

2. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Starting reading more. Whether it’s a book per week, a book per month or a book per year. My top three books for aspiring entrepreneurs are Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. …

A letter to my former self

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3 years ago this month, I started my business. Very few startups get to celebrate their 3rd birthday.

This is the letter I wish I could have written to myself 3 years ago. I hope it brings you some wisdom to guide you through the first 12 months of your business adventure.

Month 0 — Just do it!

Just launch! Stop procrastinating. It doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy. Create a simple site using Squarespace and put your business idea in front of customers. The biggest cause of startup failure is not starting!

Key Tip: Seek Progress not perfection

Month 1- No product, no problem

Find customers first, then worry about finding suppliers. By month 2, I had 2 potential customers but no suppliers to help me provide my service. The ultimate best problem to have. When seeking out partners, try to create a win/win model and question all industry norms. …

Zero To €100k Revenue In 12 Months — Month 11

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This month, I’m sharing one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in 3 years of running my company.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step plan on how to get inside the head of every interviewer and secure the job, every single time!

This article is part of a 13 article series on how I started my company and went from zero to €100k revenue in 12 months. For context, you can go back and read the rest of the articles here.

After 11 months, I was finally ready to expand the team. I had budgeted money to hire someone part-time initially but ramping up to full-time pending a 3-month trial period. …

Zero To €100k Revenue In 12 Months — Month 10

It’s time to stop feeling guilty, quit working 18 hour days, and give yourself a break!

I’m going to reveal the 10 biggest mistakes I made to help you avoid making them. Even writing them now some of them seem so incredibly obvious that it is embarrassing to write. At the time it can be difficult to remove yourself from the situation and see objectively.

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1. You’ll take it personally

Yep, you will fall into that trap. Because at the start, it is personal. Deeply personal. It's your idea, your risk, and your reputation. …

Zero To €100k Revenue In 12 Months — Month 9

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Funding — The Hard Lessons

“Unfortunately in this round you haven’t been successful,” the disinterested voice on the phone informed me. But he added, “you’ll get it next time, its just 3 months away”. I informed him that by that time we would be out of business.

We were number 16 on a list of 15 companies that received €50k funding. Tiny margins, big impact.

24 hours later, my co-founder and I sat in her garden and after 2 hours of debate, terminated the company on the spot. It was over.

The story above is from one of my earlier startups and it is the reason why I promised myself that my next business would be 100% bootstrapped. …


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