How To Get What You Never Had

I see way too many “entrepreneurs” doing it.

They spend 8 hours a day checking their phone notifications and how many “likes” they got on their last post..

Instead, they should be spending 8 hours a day connecting with their audience, contributing to their community and providing more value to the market place.

Look, it’s okay to gloat (sometimes) about how many likes or followers you have. It doesn’t matter how wide your reach is. What matters is how deep your connection is.

If you want something you’ve never had you must do something you’ve never done.

Alright well, there are a lot of people who want nice cars, nice homes and all the time in the world to do whatever they want.

The irony of it is that those same people don’t want to put in the work to get those things. They would rather sit around and “wait for opportunity.”

While on the other hand people like you and me are out there working our faces off trying to achieve the goals and plans we have laid out.

If you’re not getting results..
If you’re just sitting around waiting for opportunity..

Then I HIGHLY recommend you get off your ass and put your nose to the grindstone.

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It’s time for you to Rise n’ Grind.
-George Salinas

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