Let’s talk about better things

Trying to not screw ourselves over by constantly talking about how a situation sucks is not productive.

Let’s talk about better things. :)

These are conversations I like to have

  • Designing & automating problems away
  • What kind of dog I should get and how I should train it
  • An idea or improvement you think is important. Maybe I can help. :)
  • Cameras & photography
  • Getting rid of phone spam. I have a very new cell phone number and still get blasted with spam. (Current strategy — forward all calls to a voicemail). Shout out to Sudoapp.com for keeping me sane with alternative phone numbers & emails. 🙌
  • How automating driving, construction, and other things will affect how homes & cities will be designed in the coming decades
  • What are the best & most important aspects of home design? How can we make these things more accessible?
  • What you’d do if you had more free time / The purpose of money as you see it
  • Good places to go: hike, run, take pictures, play volleyball, write memoirs, breathe air.
  • Food
  • Wireless tech & wireless electricity. Check out the demos at TEDxPortland 2014 (the first demo I saw of it was from TED 2009)
  • Energy
  • TED talks (here are my favorites)
  • How candidates are selected and how we can select better ones in the future.

Shoot, we can even talk about why I’m still single.

You can reach me on iMessage, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Allo, Hangout, Signal, MSN messenger, AOL…

How to talk about ideas

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